Land Use and Development

All real estate development is based on a single finite resource: the land. Buchanan Partners has years of experience in the careful balancing of competing interests in land use and development. Since its founding, the firm has acquired, planned, and/or developed over 1,600 acres of commercial land. Buchananís land acquisition and development team is responsible for assessing project feasibility prior to acquisition; obtaining zoning and special use approvals; oversight of land planning and engineering; infrastructure construction; subdivision of parcels; and, in some cases, sale of finished parcels to end users or other builders/developers. The firmís successful track record in this area of expertise is based on strong, longstanding relationships with key players in the process: local government officials and agencies, the brokerage community, lenders, investors, corporate users, builders, and other development firms. By carefully balancing the needs of each of these groups with the economic realities of the marketplace, Buchanan is able to achieve financial and land use goals while maximizing project value.

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